Rencontre Alumni : PHUC NGUYEN XUAN - Senior Business Analyst

On November 21st, we had a very insightful open discussion with Phuc NGUYEN XUAN (alumni 2010-2011), Senior Business Analyst, Consultant on Murex system and technologies for Capital Markets.

He shared with us some personal and professional experiences : from his struggles to kick-start his career as a fresh graduate to working at Murex (Murex is a global leading technology provider for Capital Markets). Currently, Phuc is business analyst/consultant for a bank in the Nordics region.

Phuc shared with us some knowledge about : financial markets, capital markets technologies, IT projects and methodologies, coding and tools, new trends for working and collaborating.

He also highlighted concrete areas to focus on for learning skills which are on demand in Finance and IT : proficiency in English, precise questions about financial products and markets, ability to code and automate scripts, data structure and databases.

He also proposed to have dedicated sessions with students really interested in Financial markets and/or technologies, in order to help them practice skills and work on projects.

Le BDE du Magistère Finance Sorbonne